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The Dip

I’m at that awkward point in a project when my brain is finding every reason to do something else. Pressfield calls it The Resistance. Seth Godin, The Dip. I have a full plate of both right now. I have not begun this project in a smart way, but that... Read More ››

Step Off Or Walk Away

Mykl Roventine via Compfight   There is an unlimited amount of research and data one can gather when making a decision. The Internet is both the Best Tool Ever and the Biggest Time Suck Ever. Due diligence is important and necessary.  But diligence can quickly become a refuse for... Read More ››

Skills and Respect

I was watching a basketball game last week when the commentator mentioned that a certain player felt that the other team was “disrespecting” him by leaving him wide open for 3-point shots, daring him to take them. Out of curiosity I looked up his 3 point average for the... Read More ››

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