About FINO Media

FINO Media has broad experience in educating and entertaining audiences. And our clients find us quite entertaining also.

We have created travelogues that needed hours to detail all of the places we visited down to thirty second spots used to draw viewers into content. Each story requires a different approach and different tools, but the message is what we focus on.

As our media universe expands the “one-size-fits-all” solution becomes less and less relevant. FINO Media can walk you through the media your audience is using and target the right method to reach them.

Peter Tubbs leads a team of fun-loving, talented professionals who have decades of combined experience working for such brands as Better Homes and Gardens, Midwest Living, and ESPN.

Our Services

FINO Media can assist you in all phases of your marketing- conceptualizing your campaign, producing the content, and distributing the parts to the proper channels.

Media Conception
You have great ideas, but you don´t always know how to bring them to life. FINO media can help you focus your ideas for maximum impact, and help you develop vehicles that balance reach with cost.
Media Production
FINO Media will create the media your campaign needs regardless of budget. Using the Hollywood model, FINO can scale to meet both your budget and your goals. Messages for a big audience earn big tools for maximum impact, while niche audiences can be targeted affordibly with no loss of creativity.
Media Delivery
You have dozens of options to reach your audience that didn´t exist five years ago. FINO will help match your content with the channel your audience is using.

Does it sound like you could use a little FINO?

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