Skills and Respect

I was watching a basketball game last week when the commentator mentioned that a certain player felt that the other team was “disrespecting” him by leaving him wide open for 3-point shots, daring him to take them. Out of curiosity I looked up his 3 point average for the season to discover that he is the worst 3 point shooter on his team. The opponent was actually doing the smart thing by encouraging the player to do something he is bad at.


Said player actually had the “disrespect” thing backwards. The opponent was respecting the skills he was good at- driving to the basket, making good passes to his teammates- and trying to gain an advantage by encouraging what the player was bad at. Disrespect in relation to this player would have meant preventing him from shooting long shots, and instead allowing him to drive to the basket for a much higher-percentage shot.


In short, if someone acts like they don’t believe you can do something, it may be because you have given them reason to think you can’t do something. Respect and disrespect are both earned.


You also have every opportunity to prove them wrong and change opinions. Go.

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