The Media Universe Will Be Full Of Tiny Niches

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In the 80’s, Bruce Springsteen wrote “57 Channels and Nothing On”

With unlimited choice can we find what we are looking for?

Perhaps we are getting closer. youTube is rolling out subscription channels that burrows deeper into the niches of content that viewers may like enough to pay cash for. An option like Corman’s Drive-In, a rotating selection of B-Movies, will never have a large audience, but mass isn’t the point online: engagement is. Engagement that is high enough to separate cash from wallets.

It is easy to imagine building a personal video subscription using Netflix, a couple of youTube channels, the Australian Rules Football Premium subscription you are a fan of and live opera from The Met. You buy what you like and nothing else.

But when limited to Springsteen’s 57 Channels, you still ended up watching something. The limited choice forced a choice. When you can watch anything-



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