Radio On The TV

Summer Sound [Large View] Brandon Warren via Compfight


Our collective idea of what video is and can be is too narrow. Exhibit A: Making Data Analytics Work from McKinsey and Company.

The content is professionally produced and is valuable for the target market.  But it is a talking head. It is radio.

The talking head has its place- a live interview, a discussion of a topic, breaking news. But this is essentially a very short form lecture that has a medium length shelf life. Another step could have been taken to increase the value of the piece. We could have been given graphics that either reinforce what is being discussed, illustrate the concepts, or bring additional information to the presentation. Another layer of value.

McKinsey is a serious company that does high value work- but I doubt they do basic work, either. Their video pieces are well done but stop at the first step, when making something great could separate them from their competition and display the competency that permeates the organization.

They don’t have to go Hans Rosling, but they could do more.


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