Turning Points and Turning Pro

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I’ve become a big fan of Steven Pressfield of late. I read The War of Art about ten years late, and can’t endorse Turning Pro enough. The rest of his work is on my To Read list.

Steven’s post on The Turning Pro Moment struck a cord with me. Many of my friends in college, all who are now successful professionals, had their “All Is Lost” moment. An example:

Rich had worked all through high school and college delivering pizza to pay the bills. Halfway through his third year he was struggling academically and financially when his car- his only source of income- broke down. Rich found himself at the University Bookstore about to sell his very expensive scientific calculator for cash to fix his car. The weight of the moment struck him, and he put his calculator back in his back pack and walked away. In Pressfield’s view, Rich was about to become either a Pro Engineer or a Pro Pizza Driver.

Rich has been a civil engineer for 20 years, and specializes in building bike trails. He spends time checking on his work or studying trails built by others, so he jokes that he gets paid to ride his bike. Since he’s worn the shirt, Rich tips pizza delivery guys well.

Rich also didn’t tell that story for years. He admitted it during a quiet time at a barbeque among other college friends, and the stories of others cascaded out one after another. Sometimes our moments of greatest vulnerability bring out our deepest introspection.

Be a Pro.

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