Doing Over Thinking

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I helped my 10-year old daughter finish her 4-H photography project today. She needed foam core cut to mound pictures on, so while she measured, I did the sharp work. We then used spray mount to glue the photos to the foam core, and the job was done.

I enjoyed it more than I expected.

Every parent thinks their kid is charming, and I think that of Julia. She is fun to teach and to chat with. But I also enjoyed the physical making process, the doing, a craft I had not done for too long. There was a bit of math, some precision, some creativity.

The project confirmed the difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it. The doing seldom works as you expect, so you must improvise. You have something tangible to hold and point to at the end. After our local County Fair, those photos will hang on her wall for a few years, and we will both remember the days the photos were taken, and also the day we mounted them together on the makeshift table in the garage.


Go make something.

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