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Your problem: You need to create a series of content for your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter feet to keep your followers interested. But you struggle creating something each week or month that seems interesting and yet doesn’t become a total time sink. You may find it easier to do the work in batches.


Rather than treating each of these videos as a one-off, make a group project out of them. Block out a morning to conceive of not one but a dozen ideas for content (one for each month in this case). That may require 25 ideas that you whittle down, but strangely 25 ideas is easier to develop than one or two. Like anything else, developing these 12 ideas into final content doesn’t take 12 times as long as doing one, either. Our minds are funny that way.


Once you have your ideas in hand, bring in the specialists to create the content over a day or two. You will see many benefits:

-Production costs are spread over the total, reducing the per unit cost;

-Consistent look and feel over the group;

-Approval of all of the content at once, rather than a dozen meetings spread over the year;

-Easier scheduling of one shoot period versus a dozen.


This approach can be taken quarterly if your content has a seasonal nature, or monthly if you are trying t o generate weekly content. But any method beats doing one-off projects.

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