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Our work weeks are often focused on the day to day, the little fires that we must put out to keep things rolling. Big changes are seldom asked for, so growth is incremental if it comes at all.


Built to Last discussed the Big Hairy Audacious Goal, the giant idea that will push a group forward through the unknowns faster than incremental improvement. Giant leaps may seem more painful, as everyone must change all at once, but the gains are far greater. Big leaps fight the resistance to change we all have- it is natural to make a small improvement and say “good enough”. Without the Big Goal, our own Moon Shot, the impossible mountain to climb.


Our jobs seldom point us towards mountains, because the act of pointing out a direction is loaded with risk. If the mission fails, heads often roll. Better to shuffle forward staying under the radar.


I suspect the one place we are most often challenged personally is religiously, when we are sitting in a figurative and literal sanctuary. Be a better person. Fight injustice. Give comfort to the uncomfortable. Ideas that sound simple, but are huge when applied to our lives- we move forward as people and our families and communities benefit. But it is only asked personally, not professionally.


The risks of plotting the big path are obvious, but the wise organization sees the benefits and views the pain as necessary, if not mandatory.


What big goal is on your horizon?




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