Joy Of The Moment

I was riding my bike through a park on Sunday when i came upon a father-son rocket launch. As rocketry favorite hobby of mine as a kid, I stopped to watch.

Dad held the switch and the son moved about 100 yards downwind for the recovery. WHOSH! The rocket jumped up about 200 feet, launched its parachute, and floated to the ground near the son.

Hours of labor went into construction, planning for launch day, and the event itself. Yet the flight was only 15 seconds, maximum. But the 15 seconds were so much fun that all the hours were justified.

It made me want to order a rocket kit and get my kids involved in the hobby. (Some of the models are still for sale 30 years later.)

Many of us have a similar experience at the office. The occasional moment of joy somehow justifies hours of the ordinary.

At least with rockets you know when the payoff is coming.


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