Dreams Realized

Years ago I had a dream of having a cubicle job (I know….) where I could set up a little media center to assist me in my day.

It would play my favorite music as I chose to listen to it. Have a cable feed so I could monitor the news or a ballgame. A radio for the same. But here was the key: I would run all my sources through a mixer so I could just dial up what i wanted when i wanted it. And I would listen on headphones so I wouldn’t bother anyone else with my odd tastes in music. (Beirut anyone? Fela Kuti? BR549? Holly Cole?)

Today I can, wirelessly, without all the hardware and unlimited choices, on my smartphone. It only takes a few apps to pull off, too.

Its easy to take all of our modern toys for granted. Sometimes I force myself to step back and remember what my pipe dreams were, and how things used to be.

What are you dreaming of today?


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