Word is working its way down the chain that Avid will soon (if not already) sell tech support for Final Cut Pro in addition to the myriad of Avid tools. I think this is smart and long overdue.

First, since nobody really does paid support for FCP, its a market waiting to be exploited. While we all have had our complaints about Avid Tech Support, the do have the infrastructure to take on another line of service. Hire some experts and away you go.

Second, I think it is a smart strategy to take with a product that had been eroding your market share. You become a one stop shop for all of those facilities that have both programs in house. You may even develop ways for the two programs to work together.

The biggest advantage to the new service (besides cash) may be in product research. Providing tech support for a product will give you tremdous insight into what it does well and where the weaknesses are. You will gain an intimate understand of how users apply FCPs features, and you could develop your Avid product line in the long term to take advantage of those weaknesses. You can build a product that competes with FCP head-to-head if you want to, or at least understand where your tool is “Pro” and where theirs is “Toy” if you want to market that way.

Both programs have much to learn from the other. For the consumer, Avid Tech Support is a good option, considering the alternative.


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