I was reminded again today that life isn’t fair.

Sometimes dorks and hacks and schmucks rise to the top of the pile.

Sometimes serious, hard working, talented people get pushed to the curb with yesterday’s coffee grounds.

Normally, I believe in karma, in getting what you deserve.

Tonight, I’m taking a hiatus from that. On the rocks.

Tomorrow it’s back to work, trying to make my own luck.



  1. Commented on 25/6/2009

    I totally feel you!

    I feel the same way since being laid off for almost a year. Freelance is drying up around the Bay Area fast.

    I read that this business is 40% talent and 60% politics and personality.

    Hang in there with the rest of us. Things will turn around.

  2. Commented on 25/6/2009

    …..and I'm one of the survivors.

    Without giving too many details, the deal makes total sense from a business standpoint. In a way, I've been waiting for the trigger to be pulled for two years.

    It's just hard being reminded that you are just a cog. Deep down I know I am, just don't remind me. We all like to feel we're important.

    Thanks for reading.



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