Color Correction

I know these rants get old, but here goes:

I’m watching a baseball game, and on comes a 15 second spot for an alcohol-branded drinking/drinking facility attached to the home stadium of one of the teams. Big time sponsor here. The exteriors look fine, and then they go inside.

You guessed it- it’s a bit blue. Not-Oh-My-God-Everyone-Is-A-Smurf-Blue, but blue enough that:

a) it looked odd by itself
b) it looked horrible intercut with properly colored exteriors

I never know if I should be relived or appalled that the clients approved such a spot, or that the folks who produced the spot presented it to the client without fixing the color issue. Which is worse?

Should I be happy that the bar is so low, increasing my confidence in finding future work, or be frustrated that someone got paid despite negligence?



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  1. Commented on 21/5/2009

    I vote frustrated. All parts of the industry are trending toward lower cost. Lower cost usually results in lower quality, and it appears that that is now the accepted tradeoff. It puts professionals who are talented in a lower bracket of earning potential when you now have to compete with (for lack of a better term) hacks.

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