Captive Ads

One of the few places that advertisers have a truly captive audience is the movie theater. While waiting for Star Trek to start (worth all of the praise, BTW) I had the choice of either playing with my phone or watching the ads. I chose the latter.

My only complaint is that some advertisers choose to run their regular TV ad, which sometimes improves on the big screen, and sometimes does not. Like advertisers who do not submit an HD ad to an HD program they have bought into, I am surprised that companies don’t present something unique in the theaters.

The movie ad can still present the marketing message of the day, but an ad that only appears in the theaters will have added impact of being new to most of the audience. Take another step forward and utilize the large screen to ad impact to the message. Try a longer or shorter legnth than you normally do.

Do something for gosh sakes. I am a captive audience- show me something new. Entertaining me would be a bonus.


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