AE options

AfterEffects can be insanely handy for some jobs that can be otherwise clumsy. Today I had to do a simple resize of some QT files that were produced by a third party, but were delivered incorrectly.

Resizing each in AE was straightforward: Create a project at the resolution you wish to output, inport the bad file, and run some scaling tests until you find the result you need. Our issue was a bad square/round pixel relationship.

My discovery of the day? Once AE works on something in the render queue, if you need to make a small adjustment to one of the settings so you can run it again, simply highlight the render in question and duplicate- you get a nice fresh item in the queue, ready to be adjusted. Nice.

This fixed a problem another editor had been banging his head over for a few days. It's fun being the hero rather than the goat.

Stay busy.



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