Adobe Premiere

I’m searching for reasonable pros and cons of using Adobe Premiere in an HD broadcast environment.

DVCProHD, P2, shared storage, and output to everything from HD tape to YouTube and flash.

I can find stand alone reviews, but not comparisons of AP to FCP and the various Avid platforms. Personal experience a plus. I assume a few things have changed since I last used it in 2K.

The one feature I recall from an NAB demo was auto updating of other Adobe projects in the Premiere timeline. That’s some nice engineering, but I need more to consider it a viable option.

My biggest issue is finding freelancers to work on it.




  1. Commented on 13/3/2009

    I haven’t used Premiere since 2001-ish, so I’m not much more informed, however, that whole auto-updating from other Adobe products? Well, Final Cut Studio has had that for several years.

  2. Commented on 13/3/2009

    Yet another reason to explore FCP long term. Thanks.


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