I was reminded this week how limited my AfterEffects skills are. I’m a three-trick pony in AE, which doesn’t get me very far.

That is the frustrating aspect of my industry- the skill set is so wide, the requests are so broad, that it is challenging to be competent at everything you are asked to do. Specialization is most effective, but those of us who in the One-Man-Band role have a tougher nut to crack.

There are lots of jobs where technique takes a back seat to getting the job done. But if you have bad AE skills it is really obvious. I’m exhibit A. I see tutorials in my future.



  1. Commented on 28/2/2009

    Yo Peter,

    I'm a one man show too. I hear what your saying, I'm trying to decide whether I should spend most of my time & energy trying to master Motion or After Effects.
    I don't see or hear anything about industry professionals using Motion at all.
    Sites like videocopilot,net make you want to learn After Effects. I never see the same professional results with Motion. Do you?

  2. Commented on 2/3/2009

    I’m also a one man show (there are becoming more and more one man show situations out there), and I was just about to delve into After Effects when Motion 3 was released. It offers much more flexibility and power, and I’ve been learning more and more tricks every time I open it up. For the basic, and intermediate graphics work I have to do, it’s been doing the trick, quite nicely, I might add.

    If you visit the video page on my blog, all the effects in the top video are done 100% in Motion 3.

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