Personally, I’m appalled that one of my local affiliates, which chose to delay their DTV transition to the new date, is marketing their actions as a “looking out for you, our viewer, and not wanting you to be without our signal” public service.

The fact that their main competitor went ahead and made the switch is merely a coincidence.

I guess their definition of “public service” is pretty broad, and includes the Billy Grahmn specials that sometimes blow out their prime time lineup and the infomercials they run on Saturday afternoons.


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  1. Commented on 22/2/2009

    I agree. I too find it sickening. But the station of which you speak could spin anything to make them look like they do things the best, and for YOU, the viewer.

    They could be last on scene, but would say it was because their crew stopped to help an elderly woman with her grocery bags.

    In fact, they’ve been proven to lie about their first on the scene claims. Maybe they mean they were first on the scene from that particular station.

    Oh, and how about the 50 years of Iowa’s News Leader? Wait a minute, you and I were BOTH working in news when they actually took the lead over their closest competitor. I’m only 36 years old, so how could they be the leader for 50 years? Oh, I see, they’re twisting the truth. They’ve been on the air for 50 years. They’ve been the news leader for about 15.

    Jeez, I should do my own blog post.

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