Iowa Landscapes

I was fortunate during my time with Iowa Public Television that I had time and opportunity to shoot lots of landscapes. Some were shot on assignment for a project, but some just happened while driving between Point A and Point B- and were often the most rewarding to find.

Chicago Home Renovation

The 2009 Midwest Living Magazine Idea Home was a renovation on Chicago’s North Side. I was fortunate to create a project celebrating the results.

Peanut Butter Pie

Food shoots have become my favorite work. I learn cooking techniques, create entertaining content for viewers- and eat much better food than I can make myself. A win all around.

Graveyard Zombies

One of my favorite shoots ever. A promo for a Haunted House, shot in a local cemetery. Amazing the things people will say yes to.

Need some FINO?

We could all use a little FINO. FINO Media Group makes video fun while bringing out your brilliance.
In our world, focus is not optional. Neither is dull or mediocre.

The Dip

I’m at that awkward point in a project when my brain is finding every...

Step Off Or Walk Away

Mykl Roventine via Compfight   There is an unlimited amount of research and data...

Skills and Respect

I was watching a basketball game last week when the commentator mentioned that a...

Focus is not optional.

And fine is not optimal.

You have brilliant ideas – but converting them into compelling media is outside your skill set. Your ideas deserve FINO.

Part of the fun of FINO media is the lack of templates. Every solution is custom fit to the problem at hand. We are small and agile not out of necessity but of choice. FINO scales up for the big solution, but is small when the need is simple. Your media needs may vary, but every project receives the same focus – because focus is not optional.