The Tempation Of Cheap

I’ve worked on many projects where I had to overcome someone’s decision to go the cheap way, yet when starting my own projects I’m tempted to go the cheap... Read More


If you really want to know what your organization thinks about you and your skills, give yourself a lousy self-review. Your supervisor then has two choices- A) argue that,... Read More

Scale Of Enjoyment

I’ve long suspected that the pricing of books and music backwards. Most books are only read once, yet are often priced north of $15, $25 for a hard cover.... Read More

Death By Slide

No slides is infinitely more interesting that using bad slides. There’s a special place in hell for those who read bad slides to their audience. Read More

Understanding Your Audience

The problem with having a stock presentation is that is doesn’t take into account your the knowledge of your audience. Beginning cooks are not going to enjoy a talk... Read More


There’s an old joke about a patient complaining to their doctor that they are not as happy as the people in the ads. Making people feel insecure about their... Read More


An interesting post from an interesting guy: Innovation Occlusion. Worth the read. Sometimes having too much cash leads to actions that are good in the short run, but bad... Read More

Removing Critics

We all have a layer of critics in our professional lives- those who stand between our art and the customer, the client, the end user, who try to tell... Read More


A friend of mine who is a doctor explained that medical school got a lot easier once he realized that medicine is about pattern recognition. Med school focuses so... Read More


The Bit Method podcast The Flyover Effect has an excellent episode discussing craftsmanship. I can only hope that the Bit Method crew would define me as a craftsman. Read More

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