Archiving of assets from finished projects can be annoying and time consuming- but can save hours when a client asks you to rebuild something for an update, a new... Read More


Cliches are cliches for a reason- there is a grain of truth to them, and they are used to reinforce users impressions of a group, place or experience. But... Read More


We forget what a joy it is to work on a well-conceived project with the proper resources behind it, until we work on something half-baked with no budget. I... Read More

Giving It Away

I’m old enough to remember when patrons would be hassled if they tried taking pictures at any kind of theatrical or musical performance- it was just universal. Things have... Read More


Everyone’s effort rises and falls, often to match the level of crisis that’s in front of them. Big effort to get the project out the door needs to be... Read More

Thinking About Design

I’ve become a big fan of “The Flyover Effect”, a podcast hosted by the staff at BitMethod. Their discussions of design, UI and the general usability of life are... Read More

Do The Work

What Drew Said. Somethings you just have to do yourself. Read More

User Education

I noticed the lid to the jar of Natural Peanut Butter I ate last night had this little tidbit: “Oil separation is normal. Just mix back together and enjoy!”... Read More

Second Life

Our new media environment allows for unprecedented recycling of content. With so many channels to fill, content can easily be used in multiple places without too much overlap of... Read More

Prima Donnas

Genius talent often carries baggage. Sometimes being really great requires mental wiring that is just different from the rest of the general population, but sometimes it comes from being... Read More

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