Some jobs require a degree from an institution that gives some hint at the work you are capable of. A lawyer from an Ivy will get a higher starting... Read More


On some level we all improvise our way through our day- we make the little decisions that get tasks done and keep the organization moving forward. But that is... Read More

Disaster Stories

The past weekend was fascinating for weather nerds not directly in the path of hurricane Irene. I enjoyed watching how the various news outlets covered the big story of... Read More

Engineering Fun

This week’s Flyover Effect podcast discussed an idea that is too often overlooked in the development of pretty much everything: Fun. I often see a “lack of fun” in... Read More

Client Types

This was written in 2006, but it still nails the difference in client types. Your life will be easier the better you get at avoiding grinders in the first... Read More


Sometimes clients are best served by recycling their old content. While those on the production side would prefer to create (and bill for) a spectacular new project involving helicopters,... Read More

Design By Intent

I highly recommend this thought provoking read about Design By Intent. The series of cards in the pdf each have examples of design that isn’t simply nice to look... Read More

Website FAIL

I encountered a website today that was a double FAIL. I had to dig around to find contact information, and discovered multiple 404 link errors- in the store of... Read More

Order Of Work

There is a big difference between processes that happen concurrently and those that can only happen consecutively. Planning for events can often mistake the two, and scheduled get crushed... Read More

Pay Status

There are a few clients who require special rules, based either on class or experience. Politicians and political parties are a very special case. Due to the nature of... Read More

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