Step Off Or Walk Away

Mykl Roventine via Compfight   There is an unlimited amount of research and data one can gather when making a decision. The Internet is both the Best Tool Ever... Read More

DIY vs. Pros

hmboo via Compfight I struggle with the line between doing something myself and hiring a pro. Three factors come into the calculation: Skill, Time and Money. Skills is simple:... Read More

Radio On The TV

Brandon Warren via Compfight   Our collective idea of what video is and can be is too narrow. Exhibit A: Making Data Analytics Work from McKinsey and Company. The... Read More

The Media Universe Will Be Full Of Tiny Niches

Tambako The Jaguar via Compfight   In the 80’s, Bruce Springsteen wrote “57 Channels and Nothing On” With unlimited choice can we find what we are looking for? Perhaps... Read More


Faramarz Hashemi via Compfight   A friend long dismissed organic food as “crazy granola hippie stuff”. Then he saw a presentation by a doctor about the benefits of eating... Read More


Sometimes you can move a group forward in a sudden giant rush, but that requires leverage, incentive, or brute force. Lacking leverage and incentives, the best you can hope... Read More

Great Thoughts On Advertising

Lawrence Whittemore via Compfight     I often don’t get through my RSS feed until the weekends or holidays, so I’m late in reposting this great post from Happy... Read More


Natalia Osiatynska via Compfight The planning for a successful project has to happen somewhere- if not by you before you hand off to someone else, then the next person... Read More

Disrupt vs. Disturb

Jack Perry raises an important point– All of the disruptive technologies in the media space that relied on copyright infringement have gone bankrupt or essentially disappeared. You can’t fight... Read More

Repeat Customers

Some companies focus on maximizing revenue from every single sale. Upsales are pitched, hidden fees added, every possible cost is included in the final bill. The accountants love it,... Read More

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